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ReleaseNote v0.9

Release note for Android-x86 v0.9

The Android-x86 project, formerly "patch hosting for android x86 support", is pleased to announce the first release of our work. A live cd iso and usb image are available from the site:

The project is aimed to provide a complete solution for Android on x86 platforms. Currently we use ASUS Eee PC as the reference platform. However, the work should be easy to port to other x86 platform. Test results on other platforms (success or fail) are welcome.


  • Kernel 2.6.29, KMS enabled
  • Audio support
  • Camera support (port from android-m912)
  • SD card/USB disk automount
  • Auto-detect drivers
  • Ethernet (DHCP)
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Software mouse cursor
  • Battery status
  • Suspend to RAM and wakeup
  • Touchscreen support (tested on Eee PC T91 and Eee Top)
  • Compressed filesystem (squashfs)
  • Debug mode, including busybox
  • Support virtual machine like Virtual Box, Qemu and VMware.

Note some features are not available on a virtual machine. Read our wiki pages for more details.

Tested platforms

  • ASUS
    • Eee PC
      • 700
      • 701
      • 701SD
      • 900
      • 900A
      • 901
      • 904HD
      • 904HA
      • 1000
      • 1000H
      • 1000HD
      • 1000HE
      • 1005HA
      • 1005HAG
      • S101
      • T91
    • Eee Top
      • 1602
      • 1602C
  • Virtual Machine
    • Virtual Box
    • Qemu
    • VMware
  • Acer
    • Aspire one AOA110

Released Files

sha1sum: fdbf401d6a72bc73f992e7425c99bb10a03435eb
Burn this file to a CD disk. Linux command:
# wodim -vv dev=/dev/sr0 eeepc-v0.9.iso
sha1sum: 3514849df1da6d6811f4cb249b6e6fcbb80c2f5a
Gunzip and dump the image into a USB disk. Linux command:
# zcat eeepc_usb-v0.9.img.gz > /dev/sdX

Known issues

  • Installation to hard drive is not implemented yet. However, you can do it by hand. See our wiki for details.
  • On some Eee PC models, default audio volume is too small. Please adjust the audio volume to maximum.
  • On some Eee PC models, the snapshots taking by Camera are too dark, or completely black.

Source code

To get our source code for this release,

$ repo init -u git:// -b cupcake-x86
$ repo sync

Read our wiki for more details.

Contact us

Call for developers

If you are working on Android for x86 platform, welcome to join us. See the above contact information.