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ReleaseNote 4.0-r1

Android-x86 4.0-r1 (ICS-x86).

The Android-x86 project is glad to announce the 4.0-r1 release to public. Live CD ISOs are available from the download sites as usual

Key Features

The 4.0-r1 release is based on the Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich branch). We have fixed and added x86 specified code to let the system runs smoothly on x86 platforms, especially for tablets and netbooks. The key features in this release are
  • Kernel 3.0.36 with KMS enabled. Most netbooks can run Android-x86 in the native resolution.
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration for Intel and AMD Radeon chipsets. You may disable it by adding HWACCEL=0 to the cmdline if you have trouble to enable it.
  • Support Multi-touch, Wifi, Audio, Bluetooth, G-sensor, Camera and some 3G modems.
  • Support Ethernet (DHCP only).
  • Enable Dalvik JIT compiler and ARM translator.
  • Simulate sdcard by internal storage. Note fake sdcard is no longer supported.
  • Physical keyboard layout selection.
  • Enable v8 javascript engine, ~ 10x faster than old jsc engine.
  • Enable chrome http stack to suppoer media streaming.
  • Experimental support of Renderscript.
  • External usb drive and sdcard are auto mounted to /mnt/USB on plugging.
  • Support hybrid mode of iso images.
  • A text based GUI installer which supports ext3/ext2/ntfs/fat32 filesystems.
  • Compressed filesystem (squashfs).

Released Files

We create targets optimized for different x86 platforms. Choose a suitable image for your platform.
  • android-x86-4.0-r1-amd_brazos.iso    for AMD Brazos platform

    sha1sum: 8ac95a6fadb2db0c91367659799be1858bc3d658

  • android-x86-4.0-r1-asus_laptop.iso    for some ASUS Laptops/Tablets

    sha1sum: 31a71bcc43aa78798045459dde93dc1041713420

  • android-x86-4.0-r1-eeepc.iso    for ASUS Eee PC family

    sha1sum: 80ae91fbe4b08f58d416c86c8102f4f60aa3cb3a

  • android-x86-4.0-r1-tegav2.iso    for Tegav2

    sha1sum: ddf7ab812c01f36d392ada2ba5e158fa83394af1

  • android-x86-4.0-r1-s103t.iso    for Lenovo S10-3t tablet (by Robill Tian Supatrio)

    sha1sum: 16fc288dbc0f744ece2eb9cffeeb0a64858613de

  • android-x86-4.0-r1-thinkpad.iso    for IBM thinkpad tablet (by Stefan Seidel)

    sha1sum: 1b1ede374dc7822260d84ead754d51e18eff36ad

  • android-x86-4.0-r1-tx2500.iso    for HP tx2500 (by Kyle Evans)

    sha1sum: f1f26b03f9a8a06cf71eadebc39e7b19d03a6e72

Known issues

  • Suspend and resume doesn't work on some targets.

Source code

The source code is available in the main git server,

    $ repo init -u git:// -b ics-x86
    $ repo sync

Read this page for how to compile the source code.