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Build 20130725

Test build 20130725 for Android-x86 4.3 (JB-x86).

The Android-x86 project is glad to announce a new test build 20130725 for public testing. This is a test release for Android-x86 4.3. The live CD iso is available as usual

Key Features

The test build 20130725 is based on the latest Android 4.3 release (Jelly Bean-MR2 branch). We have fixed and added x86 specified code to let the system runs smoothly on most x86 platforms, especially for tablets and netbooks. The key features in this release are
  • Upgrade to the latest kernel 3.10.2 to support more drivers.
  • Upgrade Mesa OpenGL ES library to 9.2-devel branch to support hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon and Intel chipsets (not included chips with PVR).
  • Support Bluetooth.
  • Support arm translator.

Released File

Since the jb-x86 branch we try to create a universal image for most x86 platforms. The plan is still in an early stage. Please report bugs to the android-x86 forum with detailed specs of your machine and error logs.
  • android-x86-4.3-20130725.iso 

    sha1sum: b2b4ba3da4b90e9a95bfa0a088bcaa8eb5ce0c30

The iso file is hybrid format. That means you can dump the iso into a usb drive and get a bootable usb stick, like

$ dd if=android-x86-4.3-20130725.iso of=/dev/sdX

where /dev/sdX is the device name of your usb drive.

Known issues

  • Suspend and resume doesn't work.
  • No Superuser support.

Source code

The source code is available in the main git server,

    $ repo init -u git:// -b jb-x86
    $ repo sync

Read this page for how to compile the source code.