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App HowTo

by Chih-Wei Huang 2009/09/16


Because Android-x86 is unable to use Android Market (only vendors licensed by Google can), installing new applications is not as easy as an Android phone. However, we have tried to make it as easy as possible. This article describes how to install third party Android applications to Android-x86 system step by step.

  1. Allow unknown sources
    • First, you have to allow Android-x86 to install third party applications. Enable it by Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources. An attention will be shown to warn you. Just ignore it.
    • If you forget to enable unknown sources, you would see a blocked message when you try to install an application.

  2. Download directly
    • If you know the download URL of an application, you can download it directly by the browser, as shown right.
    • When download complete, click the item to install.
    • A confirmation dialog will be shown. It shows all the privileges the application need to use. To continue, click Install. If doubt, click Cancel.
    • If you are fortunate, installation will complete. Now click Open to enjoy the new application.

      Note some applications may not be compatible with Android-x86. If you see installation failure, complain to the author of the application.

  3. Use AndAppStore
    • In the 20090916 build, we shipped with AndAppStore client developed by Funky Android Ltd. It shows you the latest and hottest applications available for your Android device.

      Just click the AndAppStore icon to run it.
    • Browse the available applications.
    • Choose an application to download.
    • When download complete, there is a message in the notification area. Click the top status bar and drag down the notifications. Click the downloaded application to install it.

      You may also enter the notifications by pressing Menu key -> Notifications on the Home screen.
    • Click Install on the confirmation dialog.
    • Enjoy the new application.